Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hello, I'm Andrew. If you're currently reading this shit, thank you. I've been thinking of creating a blog for awhile but I've never ended up wanting to after awhile. Then, I began to have crazy thoughts of what I would write; my subjects excited me. Now right before you is " am I reading?" the blog about the life and thoughts of a teen who has no idea wtf he is doing. Fuck you if you think this is going to be every other teen blog that sucks ass. It will be great because I am Andrew Fucking Sanchez.

The blog will feature my insight from my thoughts and experiences from smoking a great amount of weed. And when I say great... you know what I'm saying.

First topic: Money and how it affects people.

I thought about this one a few weeks ago while in geometry class. A class where I do nothing but sleep and day dream about life. Which, I think is much more beneficial. Now, we go to school to learn so we can be "successful" in life. In order for yourself to be called a success you have to make a good amount of money. That is the case for most people.

Money is the reason why bands can begin to suck, it can lead to friend problems, family problems, etc.

These are fucking drug-like side effects. Thats weird as fuck to me. Now if I was getting awesome grades I would not give a shit about this. I would make my green and buy my green. ya know? But since I'm pulling shit grades its had me thinking about damn what will I do with my life? I'm so ambitious to be a success. So many people think, "Oh, you're a druggie... you are a giant blemish to society!" and all that shit. I want to be able to show people that I can be a success. I will be doing what I want to do, while you do what your Parents want you to do. Therefore, I believe I am more successful than you will ever be. I am my own self. While, you are a being controlled and stressed out of your mind to be great to your family.

Personally, I really want to be a pharmacist. Not for the free drug purposes. That would be illegal. For awhile now I've been interested in how drugs affect you and your body. I think thats interesting as tits. The $40+ an hr isn't bad either although I really wouldn't mind how much I really made because its what I want to do. Its how I want to show people that I can be a great, hard-working person. I think thats beautiful revenge on the people that thought I would be in an alley way shooting up or some druggie stereotype. Fuck all of you.

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  1. EXACTLY. this is how im tryna live my life too. fuck "success". success should be a word that is derived from a personal lifestyle and emotion, not what the fukin school staff SAYS it is.. -_-

    whos got dro?