Wednesday, April 29, 2009


How many times are they going to make the movie/book where the poor 3rd world country kid wants to go to school but his/her family is too poor/not willing to take them to school? I sound ignorant, but its true. We all know its sad, but damn c'mon now.

I want to go to Spain.

Middle school is the period of time where you're the biggest douche of your life.

Metal has too many fucking sub-genres.


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  1. LMFAO. HOW MANY TIMES ARE THEY GONA MAKE THAT MOVIE!? some woman goes to the projects and tries to make a difference. First, they dont accept her, then she goes home to her feminite husband whos wearing sweats and cooking something for some reason. then he tells her to give it another chance, so she goes back to the projects, bring out everyones inner beauty, and next thing you know they throw a do-rag on her head and she starts fuckin dancing....ANDF ITS JUST EMBARRASSING TO ALL RACES.

    how many times are they gona make that movie?