Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's been really hot lately and surprisingly I haven't mind it at all. Getting to see girls in super short shorts and dresses makes everything better.

Yesterday was 420 and it started off pretty boring because my bus I was suppose to take to DC Bart never came. Fuck Samtrans. So, I was never got to wake n bake and it was already hot as tits at 7 in the morning. But, while walking to DC Bart I found 5 $1 bills in a row which kills just finding a straight up $5 bill. This made me even happier because it added to the fade, which means more of that wonderful marijuana. So the day went on... had to swim in pe... didn't care because it was hot as fuck. After school blazed a quarter o. Faded as fuck till the morning.

Today, I had to talk to my counselor about how stupid my grades are. I'm failing 3 classes and she told me to cut back smoking them treez! Nahhhh. I thought that was funny how a school counselor just told me to cut back. Shit made me giggle so much, I just might do it.

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