Sunday, May 10, 2009


Writing for yesterday, since I now understand how my trip was today.

I arrived at Tristan's house at 4:15 to soon await James, Tristan, and Patrik. I was nervous as fuck at whether I got skimped or not since I know really nothing about how much 3 8ths of shrooms are.. Was told they were fucking hella; then my beautiful experience began.

It took me about 7 minutes to eat the 4 stems and 2 caps because they tasted so fucking gross. The effects of feeling extremely high on weed came within only 20 min and visuals and the numb feeling all over my body began in only 30 min. I had no idea that I would feel so disoriented with my body. Mind and body were completely different thing and it was so wild.

At Tristan's house I felt like I was on hundreds of different trips. Outside I felt like I was a human-drug experiment where everyone who was sober was just observing my actions on shrooms. Inside the house, all I saw were things moving, spinning, and different faces everywhere. In the backyard we were all on a Mexican villa just talking and attempting to hookah but I had no idea what I was doing with the hookah, it just felt so misplaced. Further in the backyard, it felt like we were all kids that were stuck on a strange island with crazy plants and swings that would just do crazy shit.

I kept on having to stare down at myself to remind myself that I was still all intact since my mind and body were not together. Everything was insanely numb. I couldn't talk at all.

During the comedown, I felt like I needed to put all my pieces in life back together. And with each thing, I needed to think deeply on and thats what I did. I started to think about school life and how horrible it has gotten. People change so dramatically in so little time. I don't know if I have changed, or the people around me have changed or both. I just miss how things used to be. I have gotten closer with new people and have grown further apart with my old friends. I don't even want to be around with some of my old friends for I feel that they're extremely fake to me now. I'm pretty sure I'm just maturing faster than they are, but its pissing me off. What I used to see as mature and intelligent people I now see as stupid little kids who abuse a feeling of unnatural euphoria.

In the end though, shrooms don't even seem like a drug. They're taken to be given as a spiritual method of getting closer with yourself and others. It was great shit.

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