Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Maestra! its impossible to listen to grindcore on low volume!

Stoners always end up finding weed no matter what. We just have to remain optimistic.

So, today sucked ass until 6th period when I popped a red scorpion. Everyone thought it was going to be fake, but I chewed up and it hit hard. After school, I was trying to smoke like every time I pop. I didn't ask to go to Mac's house because I heard they just wanted a small group so I didn't bother even asking. Me and Anthony asked Sal if he had weed and he said he was about to go smoke then. We were gonna go until we found out gay people were going. Fuck that. So went on an adventure to find weed while still pretty on. Tried calling mad people but no one answered. So we just chilled around DC for like half an hour until we found 2 ghetto niggas and asked if they had weed. haha. We played the stereotype game right and they said they were on their way to buying dro, so I gave them $20 so we could a dub upon return. I was skeptical as fuck whether to give them the money or not, but I just asked for dudes number just to assure that we would get the weed. So we waited at Taco Bell near Ranch 99 for half an hour and long and behold n/h we got out treez! And we smoked them nugs! And we got high! and now I'm hungry as tits! Fuck you all. I'm high and I fucking love it.

Because I luv drugs! IDGAF.

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